Added: 24 April 2017

Here’s everything you need to know

The way in which speeding fines are calculated is changing today, April 24th. Find out how much speeding could cost you under the new rules.

Under the new rules, drivers can be charged up to 75% of their weekly wage for a minor breach or up to 175% for a major offence! These are capped at £1,000 on minor speeding offences or up to £2,500 for major ones.


A three-band system will determine the severity of an offence and corresponds to different charges.

Band A will incur a fine of 25 - 75% of your weekly wage, with band B fares at 75 - 125% of your weekly wage. The most serious category of offence is band C, this will incur a fine of up to 175% of your weekly wage. You could still also be banned from driving for up to 56 days or get six points on your licence.

Drivers are now being warned to respect the speed limits or face hefty fines. 

The Sentencing Council state on their website that there are numerous aggravating and mitigating factors which will directly influence the fees.

Additionally, if you are a first-time offender you may be offered the chance to take a speed awareness course which will allow you to dodge the penalty points. This luxury however will not be extended to repeat offenders.

There is a clampdown on speeding fines due to the number of offences that are occurring in Britain. According to Green Flag the amount of speeding offences in the UK has increased by 44 per cent over the past five years.


Drive Safe, respect the speed limits.