Added: 27 August 2017

The build-up and excitement for this moment has been HUGE here for T H WHITE Motor Group and Handy Motorsport! Today at Rockingham on ITV4 we have seen the official reveal of the BTCC 2018 season Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

After years of hard work by the management here at the dealership and Handy Motorsport it has all paid off.

The Swindon-based team, which is headed-up and owned by former BTCC driver Simon Belcher, will be entering an Alfa Romeo Giulietta from the 2018 season forward! This will be driven by the teams hugely successful fan-favourite Rob Austin.

Alfa Romeo has been associated with motorsport throughout its history. With Handy Motorsport bringing the Giulietta back into the championship for the first time since 2007.

Today our current road going Giulietta Veloce demonstrator made a great impression at Rockingham. Wrapped in the teams current DUO sponsorship logos and of course T H WHITE Motor Group on the side.

This will be back at the dealership in the coming weeks and we hope to arrange something special for Alfa Romeo and BTCC fans!

Commenting on the news that an Alfa Romeo will return to the grid with Handy Motorsport, Alfa Romeo UK Dealer Council Representative & T H WHITE Dealer Principal Peter James said: “It is fantastic to see Alfa Romeo return to the BTCC especially at such an exciting time for the brand. Alfa Romeo returning to the BTCC has been driven by the desire of the Dealer Council to see the marque back on the grid.”

Paul Doick, General Sales Manager for T H WHITE Swindon, one of the Alfa Romeo brand centres, added: “I have known Simon [Belcher] for many years and we have been working together to deliver this project. I am confident now that working with Handy Motorsport will raise the brand awareness of Alfa Romeo and deliver incremental sales for the brand. There are very exciting times ahead…

We look forward to seeing the stunning finished Giulietta on the grid in 2018!

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(Images courtesy of Handy Motorsport)