Abarth Racing Rig

Added: 07 August 2017

After the success of our T H WHITE Gran Turismo we want to keep the competitions going! 

For the rest of Q3 until the end of September you have the chance to drive round the famous TopGear Test Track in a modified Abarth 695 Biposto on our TrackRacer Rig.



1st                -              TBC

2nd               -              TBC

3rd                -              TBC

If you wish to take part, please head on down! While you race why not get your car valued and look at the latest Abarth's we have on offer including the new special edition Trofeo!



- Maximum 10 laps per person
- Fastest Lap must be clean for it to count (No Penalties allowed "

- Assists may be selected to the drivers preference

- Entries must be 16 and over
- In game car must be the same modified Abarth 695 Biposto (Class C500)
- Test Drive mode at TopGear Full Circuit


The Winners will be announced in the first week of October!


Call us on 01793 393530 or email find out more.