Sidmouth Street Dealership

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The ironmongery business of Thomas White was established in 1832, five years before Queen Victoria came to the throne. At that time the business traded in hand tools, rakes and scythes for harvest, axles and bonds for carts, cow ties and dairy utensils, paint, grease and oils.

Thomas White's son added manufacturing (wagon wheels, rims and axles, farming and estate ironmongery) to the company's activities, and by the time that horses and horse-driven machinery began to replace manual labour at harvest and haymaking, T H WHITE was well placed to supply changing agricultural needs and practices.

Outbreak of the First World War coincided with introduction of the first oil-driven tractors which would have a tremendous impact on the nation's ability to produce home-grown food with a greatly reduced agricultural workforce. Fortunately Henry Ford sent all his early production of Model F tractors to Britain and many of these passed through Whites' hands. After the Great War T H WHITE was appointed as a dealer for Fordson tractors and Massey Harris machinery, as well as becoming distributors for the International Harvest company.

During the 1930s farming was in the doldrums, but with the outbreak of war once again in 1939 the fight for food was truly on, and the T H WHITE team was fully stretched keeping machines on local farms in running order. In the USA new and better machines, including the first combine harvesters were being designed and built, many of which came to Britain. In the post war years T H WHITE expanded its agricultural machinery business significantly. As the company grew, training schemes and apprenticeships were set up, as well as courses for farm operators to help them get the most out of the latest equipment.

By 1972 the company had added several new business locations to bring service closer to farmers, and had completely outgrown the original Sidmouth Street premises in Devizes, resulting in a move to new, purpose-built Devizes headquarters in 1973.

Today, T H WHITE has diversified its business into new areas, including construction equipment, lorry cranes, fire and security systems, grasscare machinery and farm installations.